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The value of professional service cannot be underestimated. After all, the protection of your building’s assets is critical to the operation of your business and the well-being of your employees.

A professional maintenance program keeps your building healthy and running at peak efficiency. Think of it as a “physical” for your facility. Regularly scheduled maintenance ensures environmental consistency. It makes work areas more comfortable and extends the life of your heating and cooling systems. A service agreement tailored to your specific facility also allows you to identify and address minor performance issues before they lead to catastrophic repairs and/or replacement.

Apollo Facility Services’s approach to service includes transparency. You’ll receive a technical “menu” of the prescribed services and associated costs, along with a maintenance schedule tailored to your facility. We’ll also provide a detailed explanation of the service performed.

More than 80% of the overall owning and operating costs of your facility will occur AFTER construction, which is why a professionally administered maintenance program is imperative to the ongoing performance of your building. The financial and technical risks of not performing regular service are many, so why chance it?

Apollo Facility Services is dedicated to providing customized, professional maintenance programs that take the guesswork out of protecting your valuable assets.

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