And that value is part of who we are.

Home Healthy,
Home Safe.

Apollo’s safety journey began with an experience that changed us. In 2000, a long-time Apollo employee fell on the job. This accident changed his life forever. It changed ours, too. He was “family.” We had to take care of our own.

We knew it was time to change. We began the shift to a culture of safety. Safety as a value. Safety as a part of who we are, not something we enforce.

Today, we approach safety and wellness as a complete concept. We believe that healthy workers are safer workers. That’s why we’re committed to instilling the HOME HEALTHY – HOME SAFE program elements. Our intent is to improve the quality of life for our employees, their families and our communities


Apollo has emerged as an industry leader in Health and Safety. Our efforts have been widely recognized by our peers:

“I am so proud of our safety journey here at Apollo. Together we have transformed our teams to industry leaders in health and safety. We approach health and safety from the whole heart—everything we do each day, at home, at work, at play is a part of who we are. Through leadership, planning and accountability for one another, we believe each employee must return HOME HEALTHY – HOME SAFE each day.”

– Mike Ellis, Corporate Health and Safety Director

“To approach safety with your head means thinking about rules, compliance, penalties, liability. Apollo’s approach, from the heart, (a place of love, really) means caring about the life and well-being of workers and feeling a sense of responsibility and caring for each worker and his or her family.”

– Karen Galipeau Forner, K Solutions Law