Specialized Industry Sector

Mission Critical

Apollo is an industry leader in Data Center Pre-Construction and Construction services. Our project approach ensures that our client’s priorities are addressed at every phase of the project.

Project Roosevelt – Quincy, WA
Project Mills – Reno, NV
Multiple PDX Projects – Boardman, OR
Evergreen Data Center – Hillsboro, OR
Intuit Data Center – Quincy, WA
Mentor Graphics – Wilsonville, OR
Oracle Data Center – Denver, CO
Pillar Data Center – Prineville, OR
Titan Data Center – Moses Lake, WA
Polaris Data Center – Wenatchee, WA
Vitesse Data Center – Quincy, WA
MWH Data Center – Quincy, WA
Columbia 5 Data Center – Quincy, WA


Over the past two decades, we have completed $350m+ in projects for the Data Center/Mission Critical market.

During project pre-planning, we take the approach of “what can’t be prefabricated?” Our labor production tracking software has shown a 30% reduction in total installation labor costs using prefabricated spool pieces. We utilize our 250,000+ square feet of fabrication facilities across the United States to prefabricate the material into spool pieces leading to an installed mechanical system with increased installation safety, quality and reduced cost.

Apollo is on the leading edge of the industry with respect to prefabrication. Our shop facilities are fully equipped with advanced technology fabrication equipment and a highly qualified staff, giving us near limitless capabilities. The benefit of our approach to prefabrication and mission critical projects ensures that our clients priorities come first.

“You won’t find a better full mechanical contractor. Apollo exceeded every expectation set by Holder on a very large, fast-track, mission critical project for one of our most coveted international clients. Apollo’s sub score remains one of the highest in our nationwide database for mechanical contractors.”

– Alex Cervera, Senior Project Manager, Holder Construction Company