It’s A Great Place To Be A Part Of

Ben Bossert reflects on an Employee Spotlight from January, 2005.

40 Years is a great accomplishment for a business.  Congratulations Bruce and all of the Apollo Family.

All of us are fortunate to work and be a part of a group who cares about each other and also the future of this company. I started in the Sheet Metal trade in April of 1981, and after 40 years I look back to 1988 when I started working for Apollo and see where one man’s aspirations have taken this company to.

Apollo has changed a lot since then, but has always continued to get better and more successful as the years keep passing. As is true in most businesses, I have seen faces come and go.  Many of my work mates have just rode off into the retirement world after being here with Apollo throughout their career; because it is a great place to be a part of.

I look forward to working here until I to decide to retire and go to the next chapter of my life. Many thanks Apollo, and congratulations.