Kettle Falls School District Phase I

The Kettle Falls School District places an emphasis on “School Culture”. At the heart of that culture is the actions, beliefs and experiences of everyone in the district.

By providing energy upgrades at the high school and utilizing the Department of Enterprise Service’s Energy Program, the district ensured their staff and students can maximize their culture together. The infrastructure improvements put over $56,088 back to the district’s bottom line, and another $16,580 in Operations and Maintenance savings. The district also cut their electrical usage by nearly 49%.

Apollo was able to retrofit the pneumatic controls systems at Kettle Falls High School with new digital controls which allowed Apollo to implement energy saving control strategies. The new controls system offers greater efficiency, functionality, and operability for the district’s facilities personnel. Apollo also replaced the aging single cast iron hot water boiler with (2) new partially redundant premium efficiency gas fired condensing boilers. Each of the new boilers has a 25 to 1 turndown ratio and is controlled to operate at their most efficient condensing state. A hot water primary/secondary variable volume pumping system was also installed. The existing energy inefficient chiller and pump were also replaced with a more energy efficient air-cooled chiller and a redundant primary variable volume pumping system serving the chilled water loop. Finally, Apollo converted the constant volume ventilation system to a variable air volume system with new controls while optimizing the energy efficiency and occupant comfort throughout all of the classrooms.

Relevant Project Details:
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Energy Grant = $373,215
  • Applied for Utility Rebate Incentives worth = $7,800 (Avista)
  • $56,088 in energy Cost Savings per year, and $16,580 in operational cost savings per year.
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Savings of 301,314 kWh / Year.
  • Guaranteed Annual Gas Savings of 21,247 Therms / Year