Keller School District Phase I

ASG collaborated with Keller School District’s staff to develop a phased group of projects that would be implemented over the course of 1 to 3 years. The school district had many projects they wanted to address and wanted to take advantage of as many grant opportunities as possible. For this project the School District with help of ASG, applied for and received the OSPI “Healthy Schools-Healthy Kids” grant to upgrade and remodel their existing kitchen.

The work in this project included: removal and replacement of the existing Make-up Air Unit, Range Hood Exhaust Fan, and Walk-in Cooler refrigeration
system. The school district was also able to purchase a new freezer and washer/dryer as part of this project.

The installation of a new MAU with an integrated evaporative cooling package will result in energy savings due to variable frequency fan operation, added cooling that the space does not currently have,
and removes the antiquated MAU that needs replacement. This project will have the following benefits and results:

  • Updated HVAC equipment that will last for the next 20-25 years and reduce maintenance needs
  • Increased energy efficiency and reduced electrical usage, cost, and demand
  • Removes 1986 equipment that no longer functions properly
  • Improve equipment and system reliability and controllability
Relevant Project Details:
  • Utilization of a “Healthy Kids Healthy Schools” OSPI grant of $196,819
  • Annual guaranteed electrical savings of 8,455 kWh