Colville School District Phases I and II

ASG collaborated with Colville School District’s staff, with review and approval from the Washington Department of Enterprise Services ESPC Program, to develop a phased group of projects that would be implemented over the course of 1 to 5 years.

The school district had many projects they wanted to address and wanted to take advantage of as many grant opportunities as possible. The school district had many older and inefficient heating systems throughout their schools in the school district, and all schools but the high school didn’t have cooling. Apollo came in and assessed each building separately and with the Superintendent and School Board, came up with a phased approach to update the equipment and systems serving these schools. The first phase of work included a boiler retrofit at Fort Colville Elementary School with Lochinvar Crest Boilers and a Primary/Secondary Variable Volume Pumping system, controls programming for summer-time cooling setback at Colville High School that modified the existing fan coil units and mechanical equipment to setup summer operating schedules in all areas not being utilized for summer school classroom needs, Exterior LED Lighting Retrofit at Colville High School, Fort Colville Elementary School, Hofstetter Elementary School, and the Astor-Panorama Building.

During the construction phase of this project the school district had an emergency project come up that required the floor of the boiler room in the Astor-Panorama Building be replaced and structural supports installed. The existing pan deck had failed and the concrete floor was flexing due to the weight of the Cast-Iron Sectional Boiler that was in the boiler room. The school district saw this as an opportunity to use Apollo to put in a new pan deck and structural steel, and a new floor while retrofitting the boiler with the same kind of premium efficiency condensing hot water boilers and pumping system that were installed at Fort Colville Elementary School.

Relevant Project Details:
  • 8.4% reduction of the District’s annual utility cost
  • Utilization of a Department of Commerce Energy Grant of $233,772
  • Utilization of an Emergency Repair Grant from OSPI of $200,000
  • Annual Energy Cost Savings of $29,654 and Operational Cost Savings of $10,911
  • Total annual cost savings of $40,565
  • Annual guaranteed electrical savings of 298,193 kWh
  • Annual guaranteed fuel savings of 7,007 Therms per year