City of Pullman Phase I

The City of Pullman has always been forward thinking with regard to their impact on the community they serve.  When the opportunity arose for the City to purchase new property for their City Hall and Parks and Recreation department, the idea to add a fixed solar array to the roof was at the forefront of their mind.  It became a more attractive proposition when two grant opportunities through the Department of Commerce and TransAlta Corporation became available.

After performing a Preliminary Energy Analysis, the City’s usage at City Hall would be more than enough to maximize a 100kW fixed array.

Apollo was successful in applying for and securing both solar grants on behalf of the City of Pullman and they have entered into a net metering agreement with Avista Utilities. The 100 kW Fixed Solar Array will produce approximately 98,320 kWh and drastically reduce electrical charges from Avista by over $10,353 / year.

Relevant Project Details:
  • Secured a Department of Commerce Solar Grant = $183,000
  • Secured TransAlta Solar Grant = $260,000
  • Roof Mounted 100 kW Photo-Voltaic Solar Array.
  • Energy Cost Produced per year = $10,353
  • Guaranteed Annual Electrical Production of 98,320 kWh/Year