Brighton High School

Apollo performed Design Assist services for complete mechanical renovation to the north hall of an Historic High School founded in 1948.

Project included a 48,481 SQ FT renovation within a 209,041 SQ FT building with minor renovations to the Dawg Diner, gym, auditorium, wrestling room, wood shop, main lobby, kitchen, classroom and upgrade restrooms to ADA.

Project included 4 rooftop units, 6 exhaust fans, 36 unit ventilators, 1 fan coil unit, 8 relief dampers, 1 destratification fan, 5 kitchen sinks, 3 dishwashers, 2 art sinks, and custom ductsox with Brighton Bulldog Logo imprinted in the side of the ductwork.

One of the critical elements to the success of the design and construction lies the ability to have the team onboard early, the owner, architect, engineers and contractors to develop a positive, productive working relationship with one another. Communication and mutual understanding of the project expectations, budget and challenges are paramount to a successful completion, which allows the ability to bridge the gaps between various stakeholders.