Central Washington University Bledsoe Hall

ASG collaborated with Central Washington University staff and administration with the review and approval from the State of Washington’s Department of Enterprise Services (DES) ESPC Program to develop a project that would address the cooling/humidity issues that Bledsoe Hall was experiencing.

The existing Liebert AC Units were nearly 30 years old and had exceeded their rated useful life. The units were unable to maintain the required environment setpoints for the paper archives storage room of the Bledsoe Building Central Region Branch for Secretary of State Archives. The equipment is also much less efficient than the new AC Units that replaced them

Relevant Project Details:
  • The total project cost $190,188. This price includes Washington State Sales Tax and the DES PM fee for $27,872.
  • Utilization of the Secretary of State capital funding in the amount of $190,000.
  • The list of FIMs include: Liebert Unit Replacements (Qty. 3)
  • Benefits of the above FIMs include: Replacement of equipment that has reached the end of useful service life, and Increased equipment efficiency and environmental conditions controllability
  • Total annual guaranteed utility cost savings of $1,293.
  • 6.8% reduction in annual utility cost.
  • Total annual guaranteed electrical savings of 23,160 kWh.